Friday, January 11, 2013

My ITTP TEFL Prague Nov 2012 class review

Wow, an intense but extremely gratifying month.

I think that’s how I would sum up my TEFL Prague experience, now that It’s been a few days since course completion and I have time to look back at the four weeks which I’m already starting to miss so much.

Like I read elsewhere, the ITTP TEFL Prague course really does what it says on the tin and you will definitely not be disappointed with this experience. A few days a graduate of the program and I’ve already got a full teaching schedule to last me until the end of June, and longer of course if I so wish.
The positive of this program are definitely clear to me.

- A strong teacher trainer team, which took my group from novice to professional in just 4 magic weeks.

- A huge amount of teaching practice. From day 2 I was in the classroom! This REALLY helped me because it alleviated the initial nerve tinges I would get when thinking about standing in front of a class. with so much teaching as part of the course you just don’t have the time to get nervous and you very quickly develop your own teaching style. Real students too and not only were we teaching at school but also at UniCredit Bank and a children’s school close to the Old Town Square. This aspect of the course was probably my favorite, the fact that taught so much and the friends I have made who took other courses with different schools were amazed at the difference between ITTP and their course (their course generally meant teaching each other, not real students).

- Neville and the team were particularly helpful along the whole journey. It took me a while to commit to the ITTP program but when I did I at once felt comfortable with the online communication and I always got a reply to an email within a few hours. A day max. I also felt comfortable paying online because of the secure visa protection form which these guys have.

- My classmates. Without doubt the best bunch of people I have met and become friends with in such a short time. We jelled baby :)

- VERY easy to find work through the program. Our class were given contacts for over 100 schools in Prague alone. 100!!! Out of the 10 or so schools I contacted about 75% got back to me within a day or 2 to offer me an interview and I get the impression that the ITTP TEFL certificate is highly regarded in the city. Georgia, one of my classmates, is off to teach in Japan in January so good to know that you can also use the certificate abroad and this was important for me because I might get bored with Prague in a few months down the road and want to go somewhere else to teach. The ITTP certificate is internationally recognized so you do get what you pay for many times over.

- Accommodation was top notch and represented value for money. Bear in mind though that this is a new apartment these guys are renting so I imagine that in a year or two it might not be looking so new.

Only negative is that I found out yesterday that when you apply for the visa you need a Czech translated version of the certificate and when I asked the ITTP office they said they only offer the English international version. It means I’m going to need to fork out around 20 Bucks for a translated copy and I really think ITTP should consider issuing the certificate in English and Czech versions. Not a big issue because I found the work visa process to be pretty painless, but for me an additional expense.

Well, as you can see our November group had a VERY positive time and I think I can speak for the whole group when I say that we highly recommend the ITTP TEFL Prague program!

Class of Nov 2012